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Skeletal Muscles

The great range and variety of functions served by skeletal muscles can be suggested by naming just four: the diaphragm, used in breathing; the muscles that make the eye wink; the deltoid muscle that gives the shoulder its shape; and the tongue.

Skin, Hair and Nails

Perhaps no other organ of the human body receives so much attention both from its owner and the eyes of others as the skin and its associated structures - hair and nails.

The Brain - Cerebrum

What we usually mean by "brain" is that part of the brain called the cerebrum. It is the cerebrum that permits us all our distinctly human activities - thinking, speaking, reading, writing.


All children have accidents and injure themselves.


If fears are often legitimate and usually outgrown through reassuring experiences, phobias are deep-seated unconquerable fears.

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New Advancements In Dentures And Dental Implants #HealthZone

Dental implants have become an important part of dental treatment. Today, dental implant technology has evolved so much that it even allows you to replace missing or heavily decayed teeth in just a single visit! So, if you have missing tooth/teeth, you have great options for tooth replacement using dental implants, which are the most stable and efficient of all tooth replacement options. Dental implants have come a long way since they were used for the first time. Let’s take a look at advancements in dentures and dental implants.

No more wait for your dental implants

Dental technology has improved greatly since the invention of dental implant procedure. Today, patients no longer have to wait to replace their missing tooth. It is possible for the modern day dentists to place dental implant, post and dental crown in just one visit. Dental’s experts for dental implants have been performing these well-documented and highly successful procedures for years.

With the use of high-resolution 3-Dimensional CT scans and virtual planning software, the implant experts plan the same-day procedure through a virtual mock-up of your mouth, which eliminates cutting through the gums to find the bone. This translates into lesser pain and healing time for the patient. The procedure is mapped out and planned in lab, and will be ready in time for your dental surgery. Your dental implant will heal with the dental crown attached, and you can go on with your life as usual, immediately after your implant is placed.

Dentures with improved stability

When all of the teeth are missing, a person’s life can become miserable. Aside from chewing and speaking problems, the person’s jawbone starts deteriorating too. Traditional dentures do provide a solution, but they do not help to stop bone loss. Implant supported dentures are a way to replace teeth when all of the teeth are missing in the upper or lower jaw. In the upper jaw, usually 6 implants are required, whereas for the lower jaw, 4 implants are sufficient. There are two types of implant supported dentures available-one which can be removed by the patient, one that cannot be removed by the patients. Dental’s experts can suggest you the implant supported dentures in Northern Virginia, best suited for your case.

Mini implants

Mini-implants are the latest in implant technology. Used primarily for dentures, a series of mini-implants are placed through the gums, and their posts are used to anchor the appliance into place. Mini dental implants are also useful to provide very stable and non-movable anchor units to allow quicker and easier tooth movement for orthodontic treatment.

Micro-mini dental implants

Micro-mini dental implants are used for temporary bridgework. These are later removed when he permanent implants are healed and teeth permanently replaced.

Consult your dentist for proper care and consultation.